Sterling Data

Geolocated information to understand people and organizations


What we Do.

Sterling Data conducts continuous data acquisition of publicly available information, to create structured databases about organizations, people, and locations.

In business since 2008, Sterling Data has customized databases that cover a number of commercial interests including:

  • consumer insights (USA focused)
  • business insights (USA focused)
  • foundational geospatial points of interest (international)
  • domain name registrations (international)

Our Mission.

We provide robust, up-to-date geolocated business information about organizations and consumers at a competitive price.

Why choose Us.

Sterling Data is led by an ex-Google engineer with a strong background in data-mining and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our data products are created and updated through an efficient process that incorporates supervised machine learning and dozens of automated quality checks -- ensuring our data products meet high standards of accuracy and completeness.


Geolocated records
Unique entities
email addresses
Person Associations


Consumer Data

Sterling Data has detailed metadata attributes covering more than 200 million people located in the United States. Information is collected from a number of public and commercial sources, and fused using a proprietary process. Strong emphasis is placed on record de-duplication, record geolocation, and record linking (matching attributes for the same person across multiple data sets).

Organization Data

With a collection of information covering multiple attributes on 14 million organizations, Sterling Data has a rich collection of information that covers small, medium, and large businesses across the United States.

Whois Registration Data

Our database contacts information on more than 100 million registered domain names, covering all top-level-domains (.com, .org, .net) as well other domain types (.biz, .info).

Location Data

With the growth of the Internet of Things and mobile computing, location data has been an integral part of modern information systems. Sterling Data has an internal database with the geolocations of more than 450 million geolocated places including:
  • Business locations
  • Residences
  • Named places (towns, cities, villages)
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Parks and protected areas.

Other Data

Sterling Data has numerous additional databases. Information available upon request.